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Clay Pot & Specialties

Five Spice Duck

Roasted Duck

Peking Duck, served with buns

sauteed Lamb

Steamed Ground Pork with Salty Fish

Pork Sauteed w/ Japanese Tofu

Salty Fish, Chicken & Eggplant Clay Pot

Spicy Garlic Eggplant Clay Pot

Five Spice Duck & Taro Clay Pot

Beef Brisket & Radish Clay Pot

Beef Tendon & Dry Bean Curd Clay Pot

Roasted Pork & Oyster Clay Pot

Roasted Pork & Taro Clay Pot

Fish fillet & Tofu Clay Pot

Lamb & Dry Bean Curd Clay Pot

Seafood & Tofu Clay Pot

Steamed Stuff Bitter Melon

Taiwan three Cup Chicken

Thai Styled Egg Plant

Fish Fllet and Snow Peas with XO Sauce

Hong Style Spare Rib

Spare Rib Pumpkin in Black bean Sauce

Lattuce Wrap w/Duck

Fish Fillets in Spice Broth

Tender Beef in Spice Broth

Fried Lamb with Fresh Yam

Lamb meat in a wine Broth